A Eulogy For A Sorely Missed Pet

About a month ago our cat Tiger Whiskers died, and I felt like honouring him today with a Eulogy. I hope that by me writing this you can remember the animals you have lost and think about the good times you had with them and what they meant to you.

After about six months of our most beloved animal showing signs of age and a visit to the vet a week ago – and being told there was nothing wrong – our most beloved Tiger Whiskers has died.

He truly was our most favourite animal without question. A pure soul with a simple mission – to bring joy to those around him. He carried out this duty with determination and efficiency, with his presence making any room a more friendly and welcoming place.

He died with my sister Cait petting his head softly and making sure he was warm and comfortable in his bed. I was in the room too, noticing his sides move rhythmically up and down and then stop. A true gentleman to die with grace and without causing too much trouble. He came into this world and left without fight, knowing he had done right with his fourteen years on this earth.

Today we wrapped him up in a red-patterned cloth and a paper bag and placed him in the grave my dad had dug. On the bag were the words “you will always be with us.” We said our goodbyes and dad filled the hole and placed bricks and stones over it to form a cairn. We now have two cats and a dog, the least animals we have had at any point. I don’t think we plan to get another, a new one could not compare with the one we have lost.

We will miss you very much Tiger. I hope in heaven you are sitting in the dappled light of a plum tree, with Bobby, Mackenzie, the guinea pigs, Rosie, Stella and Other Cat keeping you company. Perhaps you are having an eternal peaceful sleep, you deserve a rest from all your hard work. In my adult life, I want an animal like you or nothing at all. I also aspire to be like you, resolute in your mission and helping those you care about through tough times.

Forever your family, Jonathan and the Taylors.

Now this is quite morbid, but I know it’s important to express one’s feelings about such topics. Maybe if you feel the same about an animal who has passed away, here are some tips for dealing with such a loss.

  1. Focus on other things – Don’t get fixated on your loss by focusing or your work or a hobby for a month or so, try to channel your pain to produce something great.
  2. Talk about it – to family, friends and anyone you feel close to – just getting out what you feel can be very therapeutic.
  3. Write a eulogy for them – this helped me solidify how I felt about my cat and what he meant to me and I hope to always remember him by this.
  4. Be mindful of what you have lost – withdrawal from losing companionship and physical contact from your animal can make you quite depressed and frustrated and you should keep this in mind before you lash out or mope around. Understand where these feelings are coming from and work towards living without them or consider buying a new pet when you are ready.
  5. Give it time – only times can heal the whole this loss has created. Let time do its magic and once you have been through all the stages of mourning you might not feel so bad.

Thank you for reading and I will see you in my next post. Until then, have a great week and take some time today to appreciate those people and animals you love dearly.