Super Pac-Man in C++ and SFML-2.5.1

For my Electrical (Information) Engineering Third Year course Software Development 2, we were required to develop Super Pac-Man in C++ and SFML-2.5.1. In this post, I have included the brief to the project, the executable for the game and our report my teammate and I made. Enjoy!

The Game

The game can be played by clicking ‘Super Pac-Man’ below:

Follow the link and hit the download button for ‘Super Pac-Man‘ at the bottom of the link’s page! One also can play the original here (to compare).

The Brief

The Brief can be downloaded below:

The Report

The Report can be downloaded below:

Other documentation, such as a Doxygen-generated project documentation guide can be found in the link under ‘The Game‘ heading above – called ‘Super Pac-Man‘.

What I learned

  1. Version Control – with several commit and release issues we needed to fix, I would say my skills in Git and Github are now Intermediate!
  2. Iteratively working in a team remotely for several months – because of the lockdown I could not see my teammate for several months, we had to adapt and work through Discord meetings and detailed commits and notes on Github.
  3. C++ and SFML – I have done several courses in C++, but nothing teaches as well as making a real application with unforeseen issues and frustrations – this was that experience at lightning pace as there several iterative hand-in steps every three weeks or so. I improved my:
    1. Composition Inheritance
    2. Function Callbacks
    3. Testing with doctest
    4. Effective naming conventions

Thank you to my teammate Duncan for all his hard work! Thank you reader for reading and trying out our game! Enjoy your day! 😀