Investing R100 000 in the JSE – An Economics of Design Project

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Earlier this year, my teammates and I were required to “Select a maximum of 1 sector from the JSE sectors that you consider would be least likely to be impacted by the current economic conditions to invest this R100 000, and that, in your opinion, will maximise your dividend yield over the following twelve months. Your task is to review the appropriate shares on the South African stock market over the past twelve months and use this review as a basis for your selection of a one or two shares (max) from your sector that you feel will maximise capital growth.”

The Report

Our analysis, picks and conclusion in report form can be downloaded below:

The brief we were given, with more details of our required tasks, can be downloaded below:

What I Learned

  1. Key stock market terms such as P/E ratio, EPS and Market Capitalisation
  2. How quarterly analyses are carried out and what is considered, such as credit ratings
  3. Granular detail of how the pandemic will affect the South African economy in the future
  4. Working in a team remotely to finish a comprehensive report


Thank you to my persevering and studious teammates, Victoria Bench and Blake Denham, for all their hard work. Thank you, the reader, for taking the time to read our report. Have a wonderful day! 😀